The Beauty of Human Race

The Beauty is in ecstasy. We are most alive, in the ecstasy of life. It doesn’t matter how we came to it or what is the path walked to get to the point where life flows through us. Beauty is inside us. It is here when we experience life in all its fullness.

This is the only perfection that we can experience.

“The Beauty of Human Race“celebrates ecstasy. Paintings are painted in the manner of Dionysian art, as defined by Friedrich Nietzsche. Like he said; poetic visual art comes from music. But nowadays  Dionysian poetic ecstasy is eliminated from our lives. Today ecstasy is equated with sin.

The reality of our life could not be more opposed. True ecstasy is the opposite of greed or sin. For when the desire for material wealth and experience disappears, ecstasy ensues. All that remains is the Beauty of Life.
People today have almost forgotten the spiritual aspect of their existence. This is dangerous. To give a viewer a spiritual aspect of our life, the paintings are conceived by taking into account the sacred geometry. So pictures are not just the physical image, but also what is hidden in them. Spirit… the aspect of life we all yearn for.