I have created in various media: painting, sculpture, installation, performance, conceptual projects, photography, interior design, graphic design and illustration. I have studied and explored the field of mythology and symbolism, psychology, philosophy, physics, quantum physics, mathematics, chemistry, various techniques and methods of human consciousness and perception.


2021 became pro-dean at Arthouse, Ljubljana

2019 became a professor at the Arhouse, Ljubljana

2010 became a professor at the Academy of Design in Ljubljana and expert at The Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

2009 got PhD in Arts

2007 became an assistant at the Academy of Design in Ljubljana

2000 Masters’ degree at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design- Sculpture

1998 finished Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana – Painting

1992-1994 attended College of Drawing and Painting in Ljubljana

Awards and artist residences


  • artist-in-residence Forgotten Knowledge, Ionian Centre for Art and Culture, Metaxata, Kefalonia, Greece


  • Leonardo da Vinci award
  • artist-in-residence, Ionian Centre for Art and Science, Greece

2021 WOC@HOME, Online Artist Residency program

2015 Slovenian Ministry or culture grant


  • Rozman’s honourable mention award, Academy for design, Ljubljana
  • Roberto Cimetti travel grant

2010 artist-residence at Storytelling, University Zadar, Croatia


  • artist-residence in Berlin, Ministry or culture
    grant for young and perspective artist, ZDSLU

1998 grant from Slovenian Ministry or culture for talented students

1993 Zois grant for talented students

Artist statement

Art is a journey, not a goal. Painting is a journey, not a destination. Painting is really a game, as each new painting is made in a new way. We can discover the principles of life through images because painting is a game of life – but in the changing game of life, there is only one point of connection with unchanging objectivity. This point is the breath, the dance of air in the body, which triggers the game.

Being an artist means discovering, exploring and marvelling at creation. Every step is entering the unknown. Every time again.


Major solo exhibitions


  • “Great white rose”, Gallery Vipavski križ, Vipava
  • “Broken Firmament – The story about Psyche and Eros“, Gallery Centre Rinka, Solčava


  • Galerija EF , “Slikanje je potovanje in ne cilj”, Ljubljana
  • Women United ART MOVEMENT SOLO SHOWS 2022, internet exhibition
  • Broken Firmament, Ionian centre for art and Science, Greece


  • The Beauty of Creation, Chirch tower Žiri, Slovenia


  • Mystical Journey, Gallery “Jožef Štefan“, Slovenia
  • Great white rose, Castle Snežnik, Slovenia
  • Mystical Journey, Galeija Ilirska Bistrica


  • Mystical Journey, Gallery Pogled, Kamnik, Slovenia


  • Illuminating the Reality, Gallery AS, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Black book -Patience, Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Purusha, Gallery Kresija; Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Relationship, Gallery Ivan Grohar, Škofja Loka, Slovenia
  • Diary, Photogallery Stolp, Maribor, Slovenia


  • Curiosity Kills the Cat II., Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • En face Profile Ass, Le Musee di-visioniste, “{self}_representation 2003”


  • Diary 10. 7. 1997, Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Good Morning Kiki, Gallery P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Diary 10. 7. 1997, Gallery Simulaker, Novo mesto, Slovenia


  • Memory in Time, castle Mala Loka near Trebnjem, Slovenia

We speak a lot about creativity today. But, to be creative, we must not be afraid. With every step we take, we step into the unknown. But, on the other hand, there is endless grace here. Discoveries come gradually, like veils that reveal to us the actual image of the world.

I started painting again nine years ago. But differently than before.

Painters create images with colour. Colour is the foundation of artistic communication through images. So my first question was, what is colour? Is it light outside or inside the world around us? Is the world just a reflection of light, or does it vibrate and emit colour? I challenged myself and asked myself, “What if a certain particle vibrates, and because of the different vibrations of the matter around us, we see a certain colour? So if the matter is vibration, then what is thought? Vibration? ”

first pillow painting, format 35 cm x35 cm, wire, paper and earth on canvas (1998)
first pillow painting, format 35 cm x35 cm, wire, paper and earth on canvas (1998)
Major group exhibitions


  • “Biennale of Drawings Pula 2023“, HDLU gallery of Istria, Croatia
  • “Misterij GEA”, annual exhibition The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies, Slovenia
  • “Etike(te)“, Bienale Novo mesto, Slovenia
  • “Pogled 5“, Gallery Pogled, Kamnik, Slovenia
  • “Metastructure“, Ionian Centre for Art and Science, Metaxata, Kefalonia, Greece


  • Compassionate Women: Kindness in Action, internet exhibition
  • Linked INNYC-Women Of The World, New York USA
  • Art Nou Millenni Barcelona, Spain
  • Online Exhibition ‘Butterfly Effect’, link


  • Artquake 6, Niğde Art Gallery Cappadocia of Turkey
  • ITSLIQUID Group,Venice International Art Fair, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capellor, Italy
  • ITSLIQUID Group, FRAGMENTED IDENTITIES, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Italy
  • Moon Art Fair, international, curated art fair, Hamburg, Germany


  • Majski salon, Annual exhibition The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies, National museum Slovenia


  • ARTOUR-o the MUST,Genova, Italy


  • Image of perfection?, Gallery Alkatraz, Ljubljana


  • Storytelling, St. Dominik church, Zadar, Croatia
  • Private View: Renaissance Nostra, Projektrum Sophienstrasse (Jarmuschek+partner), Berlin, Germany


  • Photography that is not, City gallery Piran, Slovenia


  • Intimno, project Relationship, City gallery Piran, Slovenia
  • Self-portrait, projekt Good morning Kiki, Art Gallery Maribor, Slovenia
  • Festival City of women, Depictors of Imagination, project Goodnight stories, Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Read it before you eat it, project Curiosity kill the cat I., Magdalenska mreža, Maribor, Slovenia


  • Escape from Alcatraz, Williamsburg Art and Historic Center, New York


  • Corpus del acti III., project Dobro jutro Kiki, Gallery Rihard Jakopič, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Men, project Relationship, Likovni salon Celje, Slovenia


  • Look 1, Lamutov likovni salon, Kostanjevica, Slovenia
  • Festival Break 21, Rog factory, Ljubljana, Slovenia


  • Desideratum, Gallery A’petit, Ljubljana (SLO); Gallery Collegium Artistikum,Sarajevo, (BIH)
  • festival Break 21, with a project Bodily attachment of body, tunnel in Ljubljana


  • As Will and Notion, castle Snežnik, GRG 23 kolektiv, instalacija A bewitched princess


  • A Rustle of Glassy Silence, Magdalenska mreža, Maribor

Different vibrations are interdependent. What if the vibration of thought affects the vibration of matter and its colour? According to Socrates, the ray emanating from the eye touches matter and a common vibration creates what we see. However, according to modern colour theory, man is only a passive spectator of the world. This is not the case in the ancient teachings of various nations. For them, man is an active being, a creative being that is aware he is creating the world with his thoughts. This has been proven today by experiments in modern physics.

Man is the active creator of what he sees.

Just like the ability to perform pure tone in music, the quality of an image is reflected in the purity of its colours. Its internal glow reflects the strength and depth of its vibration. The purer it is, the more alive it is, the more it vibrates. For this, just like the tone, the way the paint is applied is also meaningful. The cleaner the application, the more objective the viewer’s perception. The clearer the story he tells.

That is why it is equally important how we look at the picture. First, we need to establish a relationship with it to tell us its story. It is the same with people. It’s only when we build a relationship that we’re really ready to talk.

In my discovery, I was drawn to Leonardo da Vinci, a genius who sought light behind shadows in paintings. Therefore, he often made two paintings of the same motif. He was looking for the light that shines through colours and their transformation into the light. When I realized how he did it, a new painting technique emerged, “painting with light”. Painting with thin layers of pure paint in such a way to preserve the original vibration of the pigment so that the colour glows. It is necessary to paint from feeling, not from memory, for this to be possible. Because memory is not a feeling, it is just thinking about an event. Being present in sensation is something else; it is the presence concerning the image.

The viewer can have the same relationship with the painting, and then the painting tells him about her path to creation. About the path, the artist walked as he discovered, researched, marvelled and understood. Some stories are short, and others never end. We can look at such pictures over and over again, and each time they tell us another, a brand new part of the journey. Therefore, painting is not a goal but a path.

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