If you wish for something, you must do something. Contact me. Do it by email, phone or contact list.

Let’s say you want a painting:
First, we have to start our communication. Then I will make sketches in an old fashioned way (I do not work on a computer). Just a reflection, not the final picture. It may change in the working process. Every picture is an imaginary portrait; creation is on the move until the end.

Provide information
First, you e-mail me and we will discuss:

  • What kind of painting do you want?
  • What size would you like your painting to be?
  • Do you feel strongly that certain colors or shades of color should be included in the painting?
  • What is your deadline?
  • If you want a portrait, or a painting of an object, I will ask you to send me some photographs of the subject to help me and determine the level of detail needed.

Quote given to client
I will give you a quote for the final painting. The quote is a visual and verbal explanation of what you should expect and will receive as an end product. The quote also includes the cost, which varies for each piece.
First payment due & painting begins
After accepting the quote, a down payment (60%) will be paid and work will begin on the painting.
If the painting is of a person able to model , meeting will be scheduled. If the painting is of a person or object I cannot view in-person, please provide photos.
Client receives painting & final payment due. Once the painting is complete, the final payment equal to the remaining amount is due and the finished artwork is given to you.
***Therefore, what I deliver as “finished” is delivered under the following conditions: you agree to “live with it” for 2 weeks before requesting changes, invite relatives and friends to see it. Ask for their impressions and comments — and do not influence them with your impressions or yours by their opinion.
In Other Words: it takes two weeks to “get used to it.” Frankly, I will not pay much attention to criticism nor praise before two weeks have elapsed anyway.