Kiki Klimt

What is hiding in the intertwining of everything that exists? I have been driven by curiosity all my life. My father gave me this gift, and I am infinitely grateful to him for it. He was a poet and an eternal dreamer. And my mother, she was a tireless researcher and scientist. That’s why I became a researcher of dreams called life. I tried to understand it and give a hint of my insides through numbers, geometry, colour and light.

Three major projects


Different projects and experiments

Graphic poem

Arkanum; Black book - serial of 7 books

Visual theory

Resaearch of visual language

Short biography

Kiki Klimt is an artist, creator and researcher. She started her education at Arthouse, then she graduated in painting, finished postgraduate study in sculpture, both at ALUO in Ljubljana and later obtained a PhD in Painting and Visual Theory.
She has been a professor at different universities and schools for 21 years. Most of the time, she was devoted to her studies to understand the visual language.
Kiki Klimt is a curious person, looking for answers in everything she does. There are many questions, and for that reason, she is creating many seemingly unrelated projects: books, paintings, illustrations, interiors, design, and graphic poems. She is constantly researching visual language, mythology, ancient spiritual writings, modern physics and chemistry, cosmology, mathematics, history and philosophy. Her works were present in New York, Berlin, Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc.
Currently, she is experimenting with visual language and writing a book about it, creating a second graphic-poem and paintings in her technique, painting them in the opposite direction to most painters. Instead of applying lighter or darker shades generated by an external source of light, she uses colours in their internal irradiation. She removes the material and replaces it with the light that lies within the atom.