Kiki Klimt

Love is the key: I have always tried to understand what is hiding in the intertwining of everything that exists. I have been driven by curiosity all my life; my father gave me this gift, and I am infinitely grateful to him for it. He was a poet and an eternal dreamer, and my mother was a tireless researcher and scientist. That may be why I combined the two in my life and became a researcher of dreams called life and the all-encompassing Beauties of Creation. I discovered it was everywhere. So now I am trying to give some of this experience to everyone else through light, colour and geometry.

Latest paintings and projects

Broken Firmament

Psyhe and Amor. The sky above protects us.

Forgotten knowledge

Connection of science, art and philosophy

Black book, Patience

Graphic poetry book Searching for publisher

Short biography

PhD Kiki Klimt has researched and created in a visual language for more than 30 years.

She graduated from painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1997, three years later she finished the master degree in sculpture, and in 2009 got a doctorate in art. For years she lectured at the Faculty of Design and she is still lecturing at Arthouse Ljubljana. She has also lectured abroad; in Istanbul, Lisbon, Sofija, etc., and attended many conferences and symposiums. Since 1994 she has participated in several joint exhibitions at home and abroad. Her works were present in galleries in New York, Berlin, Zagreb, Ljubljana, etc.
She experimented on conceptual art, photography, performance, installation, illustration and design.
In the last years, she is returning to the tradition of painting.

For the last seven years she has been developing an unique way of painting based on ancient knowledge, contemporary science and her own study and experience. Painting with light combines the physical, emotional and rational aspect of painting.